White Post, Virginia – April 2015 – Copyright 2016 – Edd Fuller
  1. Weekly Article – We publish a new article each Thursday and are looking for submissions of text and photographs about any aspect of the railroad environment.  Articles are typically 250 to 1000 words, but there are no restrictions on length or number of photographs.
  2. Trackside Gallery – We welcome submission of single photographs for inclusion in the Trackside Gallery. Pictures should be accompanied by a brief caption with the location, date photo was taken and any other pertinent information.
  3. It is OK if rolling stock appears in your photos, but the focus should clearly be on the railroad environment. We are mostly interested in what is along the tracks, not what is on the tracks.

  4. All submissions must include the location and approximate date the photographs were taken (just the year is fine). The more information the better. Notes on the history of the site, personal stories related to the site, and information about the current or former railroad operators are welcome.

  5. By submitting, you affirm that you hold the copyright to the photographs and documents submitted, and you grant The Trackside Photographer the non- exclusive and limited right to use the material submitted.

  6. The Trackside Photographer is non- commercial, produces no income, accepts no advertising and is entirely free to the public. Unfortunately, we are not able to compensate you for your work.

  7. Photos must be high quality .jpgs or .tiffs, at least 960 pixels on the long side.

  8. We will be happy to publish a link to your website, flickr, etc along with your article or photo..

  9. Electronic submissions are preferred and may be submitted by email at tracksidephotographer@embarqmail.com.

  10. If the files are very large you may prefer to use Dropbox. If so, email for instructions. We will also consider prints or slides sent via the U.S. Mail—email for instructions. However you submit your work, please include an email address where we may reach you.

In General:

People are part of the railroad scene as well, and we would be pleased to publish portraits of railroaders at work, along with their story.

We encourage submissions from all over the world–wherever the tracks run. Submissions are not limited to North America.

It is usually OK if your submission has been published elsewhere, as long as you own the copyright and have not granted another publisher exclusive rights. As mentioned in the guidelines above, The Trackside Photographer does not ask for exclusivity when we publish your work.

We make every effort to prevent your work from being used without your permission. Our readers cannot select or copy text, right-click to copy/save images, or click on an image to open in a separate window. There is probably no fool-proof protection against a persistent and sophisticated hacker, but these steps greatly reduce the risks.

Revised December 6, 2016