The Trackside Photographer is pleased to present more than 150 photographs selected from the personal collection of Victor Zolinsky., a lifetime railroader whose photographs tell the story of mid-20th century railroading from an insider’s perspective.

From the end of the steam era and early generation diesels to the time of mergers and fallen flags, don’t miss these photographs.

Click here for The Vic Zolinsky Collection.

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2 thoughts on “The Victor Zolinsky Collection

  1. A quick look at the Early Black & White Photos Folder revealed a number of errors in the captions.
    #1 Should read 1950’s not 1970’s.
    # 6 Should read 1960’s not 1970’s
    # 7 Should read 1950’s not 1970’s
    #9 Location is Boston not Hoosac NY
    # 14 Location is Boston not Hoosac Diamond
    # 15 The correct spelling of the station is Spuyten Duyvil
    #16 Should read “looking east” not looking west.
    #20 The railroad was the New York Central’s Boston & Albany Division not Baltimore & Annapolis

    1. Thanks for pointing out these errors. The fault is mostly mine for either misreading or misunderstanding Vic’s instructions. All of the captions have been corrected.
      Edd Fuller, Editor

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