Surf Line Stations

One day in 1959, I was driving by Santa Fe’s main line tracks in Buena Park, California, and noticed a small wooden station there. I drove by there a couple of months later, and the station was gone. This started me thinking; “Hmm, these things seem to be vanishing just like steam locomotives did.”

This led to my photographing stations when I encountered them, but in time my focus narrowed to Santa Fe’s stations, due to their wide variety of sizes and architectural styles. I eventually found a few other railfans, (especially Joe McMillan), with the same interest.

I’d planned to select station photos from all over the Santa Fe system, but I found there was remarkable variety just in the 129.5 miles of main line between San Diego and Los Angeles. Here are a few.

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Gordon GlattenbergPhotographs and text Copyright 2018

Grade Crossings

Several years ago, I lost patience waiting around for a train to photograph and started to pay more attention to the landscape that the tracks run through. I became absorbed in the things that surround the railroad, and that the railroad alters and defines as it passes through. So absorbed, in fact, that trains occasionally rumbled by un-photographed.

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The Pine Tree Route  
via John Stewart

Our tribute to the Maine Central and the railroaders who made The Pine Tree Route what it was.”

This is a story about a railroad, a song, a songwriter, a singer, a photographer, and a Maine Central Railroad veteran. And it’s about how people with common interests, located thousands of miles apart, connected, collaborated, and created a musical tribute to the Maine Central Railroad, The Pine Tree Route.

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